14Trévise today

14Trévise is a student residence as well as a sport, intellectual and cultural activity center in one place. Since 1893, it has been open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and has always kept its doors wide open to warmly welcome a large and varied crowd.


A heritage to protect

Listed in the Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques (Additional Inventory of Historical Monuments), 14Trévise reflects the Body, Mind and Spirit approach that characterizes YMCAs around the world in its architecture. Today, it is the only YMCA building that still holds the key elements of its 19th century construction. But it is threatened…

Iconic spaces

A theater, a swimming pool, a hostel, a mythical gymnasium where the first basketball game in Europe was played… the iron and glass architecture of 14Trévise houses hidden treasures that testify to the pioneering approach of the YMCA.