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When you support the renovation of an exceptional architectural heritage, you invest in a great project for tomorrow's world

We need your help to finance the entire renovation of 14Trévise. The building was inaugurated in 1893 and is a masterpiece of typical YMCA architecture. It is listed in the Inventaire Supplémentaires de Monuments Historiques (Additional Inventory of Historical Monuments). This property alone deserves to be preserved. However, 14Trévise’s future is not to be a museum. In line with its historical vocation, it will be given a new life as a place of social and cultural diversity, of multiple and constantly re-imagined activities, where young people can take up their own challenges and find the means to meet them. Being a patron of 14Trévise implies being part of a history and committing oneself to a future!

14Trévise : a hidden treasure

In 1893, YMCA Paris constructed a building at 14, rue de Trévise in Paris, which it still owns. Today, the “14Trévise” label designates a sport, intellectual and cultural activity center, as well as a student hostel. It’s a typical building of the YMCA’s original architecture and is listed in the Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques, which is home to a heritage and features several iconic spaces: a theater, a swimming pool, a hostel, workshops, and a gymnasium that houses the oldest basketball court in the world in its original state!

YMCA Paris : who are we ?

YMCA Paris is the French branch created by the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) movement in 1852, the oldest youth organization in the world, founded in London in 1844. YMCA Paris is a non-profit association recognized as being of public utility and has never stopped its activities during its 175-year history. Although we are currently little known to the wider public, we are mentioned in the press when it comes to basketball, theater, cinema, rap and fashion.…

Our vision for 14Trévise : an architectural project to serve a social project

We support a social project based on the belief that youth is a key player in changing the world. Typical YMCA sports, intellectual, cultural, and social activities allow young people to act.


Our architectural project is to make 14Trévise a home for all where the project’s social activities will be developed. The 3,500 sqm of the building will be renovated and refurbished respecting the historical heritage.

What are the keys to success of the 14Trévise project? A committed team, a sustainable economic model, a varied and ethical fundraising, a realistic program. Not to mention the contribution of those who have inspired us and who support us.


Be part of the adventure !

Whether you are an individual or an association, a company or a foundation, join the 1891 philanthropists who allowed the construction of 14Trévise in a great French-American friendship movement. We would like to thank the first partners and donors who are kicking off the great 14Trévise adventure.

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