Who are we ?

YMCA Paris

YMCA Paris is all about volunteers. Owner of the 14Trévise which it built in 1893, it is a non-profit association, recognized of public utility and managed exclusively by volunteers since its creation in 1852. It belongs to the oldest youth organization in the world, the YMCAs, created in 1844, of which 14Trévise is an iconic place.

175 years of history

Discover 175 years of history: launch of the YMCA movement in 1844 in London, creation of YMCA Paris in 1852, inauguration of 14Trévise in 1893, and today’s great project. A history of commitment, for and with international youth, in the major causes of each era, marked by great names and significant innovations that still mark the world today.

They talk about us

YMCA is much more than a song! 14Trévise, the address of YMCA Paris, is a real hit with the press, even the New York Times. An amazing place where there is always something surprising going on. National and international celebrities have come and still like to visit. Filmmakers, musicians, singers, fashion designers, sports stars and actors choose it as their setting or backdrop.